Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bedroom update: Replacing the furniture "suite"

One thing I’ve learned over the past few years is that those in the decorating “know” frown on matching furniture sets.  Well, I wish they would have told me that when I was a little younger!

We were so proud of our brand-spankin’-new bedroom suite when we bought our first house.  After all, we spent a chunk of change on it, even by our current standards, 13 years later.  Now, we're trying to replace each of the matchy-matchy pieces one by one, by purchasing vintage finds.  I guess it's our rite of passage into official adulthood.  Back then I thought most vintage or antique items were musty and dated-looking.  And I certainly would not have known how to transform older pieces that were in need of some TLC into something I would appreciate.

The first piece of the old bedroom suite that got replaced was our old bed frame.  Here's the old one, in a photo from just after we moved into our newly built house.

My cats Noodles and Domino modeling our old bed - January 2008 just after we moved into our newly built house

And here's our new upholstered headboard and bed frame, as I showed you three weeks ago in this post and also this one.  I really need to take a better photo, but that requires actually making my bed, plus putting away all the stuff that has accumulated on our nightstands.  Maybe next week.  (Did you catch my procrastination there?)

Our new bed, as it looks when it's actually made and the decorative pillows aren't in a pile in the corner of our room

Oops.  I also still owe a play-by-play on putting up the set of 6 mirrors above the bed.  Again, procrastinating.  I haven't even wiped all the fingerprints off them yet!

Next out the door will be our dresser.  It has served us well, but it's time for our bedroom to evolve.  Here's the current dresser, which seems to be a glorified TV stand.  (Boy would The Mr. like to replace that tube TV with a flat-screen.  I've given him the okay, but he's just too tight with our money.  Thank goodness somebody is.)

And here's the new (to us) dresser I purchased off Craigslist that I'm in the middle of transforming.  It's been in our garage since last fall and I finally got the courage to work on it last week.  The process is taking a little longer than I expected (because I'm a novice ... and a procrastinator), but I hope to show it off here next week.

Wish me luck!


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