Thursday, April 7, 2011

Living room update - meet King George

Look what showed up at my house today.  What could they be????  I wasn't the only curious one.  That's Pepper, one of my four furry felines, checking out the boxes.

I was supposed to be getting ready to go somewhere, but I had to open the boxes!  Surprise -- it was King George and his twin!  And you thought I didn't get to buy him.  Well, when I opened the mail later the day that I found him online, I discovered a substantial check that I wasn't expecting had arrived, so The Mr. acquiesced under the circumstances and luckily the chairs were still available.  (Probably because I had them reserved in my cart for so long while everyone else was shopping when the daily One Kings Lane email came out at 11am.)

Pepper helped decided to take a bath and test out the comfort while I put the feet on the chairs.

This was before:

You can't see how dirty the windows are, can you?  

This is after:

They aren't quite as big and sink-in-ish as I had hoped, but I love the shape and color, and especially the nailhead trim! 

I'm not a big fan of the whitewashed-look table between them, not to mention there's no room to actually put anything on the table (like a drink or book), but I have something waiting in the wings that I think will work great.  I made a "find" at a thrift store today.  Next week, once I'm finished moving my mom into her new condo, hopefully I'll be able to spiff it up and show you.  (I'm seeing chevron or stripes in my future.)

One of the old blue chairs has already been dragged up to Zachary's room, and the other one will most likely be going into our bedroom once I get that corner cleared out.  (Sorry, Tracy -- I think I'm going to keep them.)  I enjoy a good furniture shuffle now and then.

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  1. No worries dear girl. :-) Love your new chairs! Glad you were able to purchase them.


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