Saturday, April 2, 2011

Crushing on chevron prints - part 1

I've been spotting chevron prints all over the design world lately, and let me just say that I can't get enough. 
Chevron (aka Zig Zag or Herringbone)
You might recognize some non-decor related uses of chevrons:

Black gold, Texas tea
Military insignia indicating rank or length of service

I have long-loved stripes and other simple geometric prints.  Chevrons are like stripes doing a happy jig.  And I want to dance along.

Various chevron print items you can find at Etsy

The talented people who create things and sell them on Etsy have all kinds of chevron-inspired items listed, including pillows and curtains, bags, vases, cell phone covers, notecards and calling cards, and more.  I even spotted luggage handle covers with a chevron print.  Sweet!

Here are some other chevron-ny items I've found on the web:

Chevron drum shade pendant from Shades of Light
Mikasa Color Studio Turquoise/Platinum Zigzag Mug

Laquer Red Chevron Tray at Monogram Lane

Weegoamigo Zigzag Baby Blanket in Tiffany, at Amazon

Black Herringbone Zigzag Eco2Cotton Afghan Throw Blanket, at Amazon

Trina Turk Pink Zig Zag Needlepoint Pillow, at Amazon

Zig Zag Porcelain Tumbler at West Elm

Missoni Mare Viareggio Fine-Knit Kaftan, at

Here's an example of a rug you could use when you want a pop of color:

Zigzag Rug from West Elm

Or here's one for when you want to keep things neutral and just use a subtle chevron texture:

Chevron Knot Rug from West Elm

I'm hooked on chevron (and that's not a rug pun).  What do you think about it?

Coming soon:  More chevron ideas and inspiration.  Y'all come back now, ya hear?


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