Thursday, April 14, 2011

Crushing on chevron prints - part 4 - DIY projects

Looking to incorporate chevron design into your decor in a big way, but without a big price tag? You up for a DIY project? I'm all about stealing borrowing other people's creative ideas, and these folks were more than willing to share so that others can D-I-T (do-it-themselves).

Third Floor Design Studio shares a how-to for some easy chevron artwork.

Little Miss Penny Wenny shows how you can update a $10 thrifted chair.

If you're not willing to drop some cash for a chevron rug, you can make your own from a plain rug that you already have, or even buy a cheap one and give it some pizzazz. See the techniques used by Little Green Notebook anda SAS Interiors.

Or you can use purchased chevron fabric, layered with a drop cloth and a non-slip rug pad, as done by High-Heeled Foot in the Door, as seen on ohdeedoh.

Or how about turning one of those colorful (but tacky) kids play mats into a sophisticated chevron specimen as done by Aesthetic Outburst? (And how about the gorgeous flower-painted play mat she used as inspiration for the project?)

Did you like the idea of using a chevron pattern on your walls but you're not much of a painter? When I first looked at this photo, I assumed the wall pattern was created with paint. But no -- contact paper! Check it out at Design Sponge.

Oh, and here are some classy chevron-inspired furniture transformations that really inspire me!
via Kelly + Olive
via Twice Lovely
Lastly, Martha Stewart Living's decorating editor, Rebecca Robertson, created a coffee table from an eBay'd army cot plus baking sheets covered with a zigzag fabric and Plexiglas. How cool is that? Here's the how-to from Martha's site.


And so ends my four-part series about how I'm crushing on chevron prints. Believe it or not, I have yet to incorporate any chevron into my own abode, but it's only a matter of time. I mentioned a possible interest in creating a chevron pattern on our plain living room rug, but The Mr. freaked out, so I guess that one's a no for now. But no worries -- I have several furniture pieces waiting for an upcycle, and one of them just might be a great candidate!

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  1. I love the chevron painted floor mats. I had seen the flowery one done on Sarah.Wandering. and was amazed but the chevron stripes are more at my talent level. This will be my new project for m nursey :) Thank you!


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