Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Crushing on chevron prints - part 2 - inspirational rooms without long-term commitment

In my last post, I admitted that I'm all about the chevron prints these days, and I gave examples of chevron-related items you can buy.  This time I'm going to show how you can easily integrate chevron into a room without much long-term commitment -- via pillows, curtains, bedding and rugs.


Even on a small budget, most people can afford to purchase a new pillow or two to bring new life to a room.  That is, unless you take Nicole Richie shopping for pillows with you.  (Story here.  Way to stand up for sanity, Joel!)

There are chevron pillows in all sorts of price ranges.  Don't forget that Etsy is a great resource!
via Twinkle Living

via The Company Store

via Decor Pad


Curtains are another great way of tossing in some chevron print to a room without a lot of commitment.  Here are some snazzy examples.

via Southern Living

via Southern Living

via Charm Home Design

via West Elm

  And if you want to go really bold ... BAM!

Blount Design eclectic dining room
via Houzz


From adult beds to cribs, chevron is popping up in the bedroom too.

via Polkadot Peacock

via Design Public

via The Company Store

Oh, and do you love Sarah Richardson and Tommy Smythe from Sarah's House on HGTV as much as I do?  They put together gorgeous, clean spaces on the show.  Here's a photo from Tommy's own (former) apartment.  I love the pop of red against the otherwise dark, masculine tones.

Tommy Smythe's apartment, via Arren Williams Design Lab


Rugs can get expensive, especially depending on the size, but they can really pull together a room.
via belle maison 23

(Edit:  Since the original post, I learned that the blue and white "rug" above is actually Flor carpet tiles.  Nice!)

Jonathan Adler, via House Beautiful

via live.Like.You blog

These last two rooms utilize the West Elm Zigzag Rug I showed you in the last post.
Western Springs Living Room eclectic living room

Above, I like the way they paired the graphic, modern rug, with the floral, traditional curtains.  By the way, the sofa reminded me of the Karlstad modular sofa at Ikea, which Sherry and John over at Young House Love have in their living room.

Here's the West Elm Zigzag Rug again, but in brown.  Don't you also just love the pop of coral (both in color and design) on the lucite table?

Ashley Wick's living room, via Bromeliad

So ... I've shown you lots of inspiration on how to incorporate chevron into a room without a long-term commitment.  Next time, we'll go bold with some love-it-or-leave-it chevron prints on walls and floors.  Commitment-phobes, beware!


  1. Hollie, you're crazy!! But I like the chevron prints!!!

  2. Very classy, yet artsy, Hollie. Just like you! :)

  3. I read the Young House Love blog too! And I need some new pillows, but can't find any I like. I'm thinking of a Dwell Studio pillow from Target with Chevron print on the back, but the front has birds and I don't like birds on fabrics :( Sabrina

  4. Now you should do a post on quatrefoil....Sabrina

  5. I love your blog! And...who knows, maybe I can update my bedroom with Chevrons after it's painted. Remember, I said MAYBE! :)

  6. Thanks for all the comments, folks!

    Sabrina, have you looked on Etsy? There are hand-made pillows in all sorts of patterns and colors, and most at reasonable prices.


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