Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bedroom update: Crate & Barrel Dubois Mirrors above the bed

In my last post, I revealed my new upholstered bed.   It's dandy.  If you were wondering why I posted such a small and strangely cropped photo, it's because I had to hide my next reveal, which is what is hanging above the bed.  Dumb me forgot to take a photo of the bed by itself.

Here's part 2 of the bedroom update -- the mirrors above the bed!

For at least five years I've had a hankering for Crate and Barrel's "Dubois Mirror."

I didn't want just one -- I wanted multiples.  At one point, I planned on hanging 6-9 of them above our sofa, but that idea was given the thumbs-down by an interior designer.  After I saw the mirrors hanging above my dream bed (the Colette, see my last post) at a Crate & Barrel store last fall, I realized that would be a great place for them once I had a new bed.

I went ahead and bought six of them, not knowing it would take me over three months to purchase a new bed and another two months to hang the mirrors above it! 


Before placing at least 12 nail holes in my wall, I decided to make sure I would like the arrangement first.  I crated templates from magazine and newspaper pages, and lived with them on the wall for several weeks.

Once I was ready to do the official hanging of the mirrors, it was quite a process.  I'll do a separate post on that later this week.  It's quite an ordeal to hang six things perfectly level with each other and perfectly spaced apart, especially when there is a bed in the way of putting a stepladder on the floor. 


Oh, and that doesn't even take into account that each of the mirrors are hand-made and therefore not precisely equal in size, and that the hanging holes (why not hardware, C&B?) are hand-punched and are not all punched the same diameter or the same distance from the corners.  Not fun.

Aside from how long it took me to get my act together on both the bed and the mirrors, I am very pleased with the look now that they are together.  I can finally mark those tasks off my to-do list!

Oh, and the best thing about the whole process was finding a $10 bill under the bed when I dropped my level behind the headboard and had to fetch it.  Bring me the money!

The next bedroom update will involve new furniture.  I plan on replacing the dresser, chest, and two nightstands with vintage pieces that I'll either paint, refinish or leave as is.  But those projects will be down the road a bit, once I find the right elements and decide how to finish each of them.

P.S.  Please excuse the not-awesome photos.  On my to-do list is teaching myself how to use the manual settings on my camera to create better lighting.  (Or maybe my high school friend Molly or my cousin Tracy, both of whom are photographers, will want to give me a tutorial in exchange for lunch.  Hmm.)

P.P.S.  If you noticed a shininess to the lampshade on the right, or if you noticed A BIG LABEL on it, that's because the packaging is still on it!  I purchased the lamp at a local thrift store, and I was trying out a shade from Target.  The shade is too close in color and texture to the bed, though, so I'm going to switch it out.  Originally I was planning to spray paint the lamp white, but The Mr. and I both kinda like the vintage-ness of it.


  1. Hey, I think we bought you at least 3 of those mirrors! :) They look great!!

  2. Yep! We used the gift card we had been holding on to for a long time.

  3. Love the wall color!

  4. Well done! I have three of these Dubois mirrors for ages now. Hanging them is a huge hassle, for the reasons you described above. I'm trying to psych myself up to do it today.

  5. why did your decorator nix them above the sofa? I'm thinking of doing that.

    1. I was several years ago and I don't remember the specifics. He ended up not being the right designer for me anyway. I say go for it if works for your space!


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