Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Under construction

I've spent much of today and yesterday giving my new blog a makeover.  There are so many nice bloggers out there who share tips and tricks for us newbies.  Some of the tips are easy, and some require working with the HTML code, which has been a bit trickier.  If only I had a spouse who could help me with that.  Oh, I do.  Now I just have to convince him.

I also downloaded Picasa today and am in the very early stages of learning how to use it to edit photos and graphics.  Fun stuff.

My banner (the header at the top of the page) has improved since Monday, but it still needs work.  Unfortunately my time has run out for today so I will have to leave things "under construction" for now.

One thing I did fix today is that anyone can post a comment.  Thanks, Sabrina, for letting me know you couldn't.  It was a default setting that I had to adjust.  So now anyone can post away!

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