Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tips for your home from a photo stylist

Check out this cool stop animation video from photo stylist Annette Joseph about organizing a bookshelf. Me likey. You likey? Thanks to Becky at the Design Public blog for sharing and for tipping me off to Annette's blog! Last week Annette posted a series sharing her styling tips that we can use to decorate our own homes. Start with lesson one here.

My favorite lesson was about vignettes. Annette says to gather all the accessories you have around your house into one place to see what you have, and to see what fits into categories. She suggests setting up vignettes with similar items together.

I happen to have a little obsession with coral (faux, so as not to hurt our ocean friends) and beachy stuff. My goal for decorating is classy, but "theme decorating" can become tacky if one isn't careful. People have told me my beachiness is not overpowering, but I still worry.

I gathered some of my coral and beachy accessories together and created this quick vignette on a shelving unit in my living room. (The shelving unit itself may be changing color soon, but that's a separate project on my list of things to do!)

I actually like it better in person than on camera, but maybe that's because my camera skills are lacking. I have a nice camera, but don't know how to use all the settings, and I know even less about using photo editing software afterward. Yes, those things are on the to-do list, which is ever-growing.

Okay, give Annette's tips a try at home and let me know if you have any "photo-ready" spaces to share!


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